Tolo & Raymond Pereira

Tolo and Raymond Pereira are the directors and owners of SEEDS. Tolo has a Bachelor of Education teaching in early childhood education and she also holds a Master of Education degree majoring in education leadership and early childhood education from Victoria University. 

Tolo is the Managing Director of SEEDS. Before opening up SEEDS Tolo worked as a Lecturer at Victoria University in the School of Early Childhood Education. She is also a primary school trained teacher and taught in Samoa for a period of six years before immigrating to New Zealand. 

Raymond is a proud public servant and has worked for NZ Post in their Personnel department. He also worked for Ministry of Justice and Department of Corrections. Raymond is presently working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Corporate Services Finance Division for the last 13 years. 

Raymond and Tolo have two grown up daughters; both are undertaking studies at Victoria University and work part-time for SEEDS. Their youngest child is attending primary school.